( यमुना जिये अभियान के संयोजक श्री मनोज मिश्र जी से प्राप्त पत्र एवम संलग्नक के रूप में राष्ट्रीय हरित पंचाट के समक्ष पेश तीन रिपोतार्ज व मौके की तस्वीरें आपके अवलोकनार्थ सादर प्रस्तुत हैं : पानी पोस्ट ) 


Please find time to peruse the enclosed inspection reports submitted to the Hon’ble NGT by the following committees and persons mandated by the Hon’ble NGT to inspect the ongoing devastation in the flood plain by the AOL foundation:
a) Prof. AK Gosain visit made on 16 Feb 2016
b) NGT Committee (Shashi Shekhar, Prof. AK Gosain, Prof. Brij Gopal and Prof. CR Babu) on 20 Feb 2016
c) Report by the MoEF on 24 Feb 2016
While the details in the report are for you to peruse the common element is that all the three reports have found large scale violations of the NGT judgment and orders, reported huge devastation of the flood plain and the NGT Committee has recommended imposition of environmental restoration fine in excess of Rs 120 crores on the organisers.
Attached are also revealing pictures.
manoj misra